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Terry — I grew up in Waikerie in the South Australian Riverland before coming to Elizabeth and working for James Hardies. I worked at the Elizabeth pipe manufacturing plant for 20 years. When Hardies closed its plant in 1987 I went to work at GM Holden and during my 14 years I became a senior shop steward for the last 10 years. I was also elected President of the AMWU Vehicle Division and held that position for 4 years.

I was part of a small group at the inaugural meeting that ultimately saw the beginning of Asbestos Victims Association (A V A) in 2000. It was not until 2002, and the fact I had by now been diagnosed with Asbestosis courtesy of the large amount of asbestos exposure at the James Hardies plant that I had to retire from Holden’s.

I was then asked to become Secretary of AVA and from there it has been an interesting and often a heart wrenching job, meeting with victims and their families. But the desire to fight for the rights and justice, and win for the people of South Australia has been very satisfying.

I am proud of the achievements that AVA has managed, and the people who have worked hard to get the results on the board, particularly the ground breaking Dust Diseases legislation that was passed by the South Australian Parliament in December 2005.

Pam — born in Yass, NSW; brought up on a farm near the Burrinjuck Dam.

I have been involved with AVA since my late husband, Alan, was diagnosed with asbestosis in November 2000. The devastating news of a terminal disease was made more distressing for us as we had never been aware anything but mesothelioma being associated with asbestos exposure, and feared the worst.

Luckily there was a small notice, in our local Messenger paper, about a recently formed group in Salisbury for victims of asbestos-related diseases. At last, we had some relevant information and emotional support, along with legal advice and recommendation to a local general practitioner who was treating asbestos victims. After Alan’s death I wanted to give something back to AVA and I am happy to help in any way.\

Kat — I was born and bred in Balaklava South Australia.

I worked as a boot maker for 32 years with RM Williams. I retired in 2001 and began doing volunteer work with Vietnam Veterans Northern sub branch as a Pensions and Welfare Officer.

I found that there were a number of ex-military and, in particular, Navy people who had been exposed to asbestos, and while looking for information into this I found the Asbestos Victims Association. I now also help in the office, and in any other way I can with Asbestos Victims.\

Peter —Peter – born in West Lothian, Scotland. After migrating to Australia, Peter worked at James Hardies in Elizabeth till 1983. He was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2004 when both he and Jean, his late wife, joined AVA.

Peter has been totally involved in all AVA’s activities, but especially in raising awareness about need for everyone to avoid exposure to asbestos, travelling all over South Australia to hand out free information. Also, Peter makes and maintains the crosses which are displayed at our Memorial Day on the last Friday in November each year

Peter received a “Volunteer Award” from Tony Zappia in December 2012.


The Hon. Jay Weatherill, Premier of SA              
Tony Zappia, Member for Makin
The Hon. Nick Xenophon, Senator                           
John Camillo, State Secretary AMWU
Jacqueline Raphael, J.P                
Salisbury North Football Club