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Memorial Day 2017Posted by Admin on 11 15

Friday 24th November, 2017

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Compensation upheld for Perth manPosted by AVA on 06 15

Compensation upheld for Perth man who died after asbestos exposure at SA

BHP shipyard 'sets precedent'

By Nicole Chettle

Perth man Willem van Soest died of mesothelioma in 2013 after he was exposed as a painter and docker at South Australia's Whyalla Shipyard 1962.

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Asbestos Victims Association

Media Release  -  Friday 19 June, 2015

BHP Billiton urged to do the right thing by Whyalla

asbestos victims following High Court decision


South Australian asbestos victims have welcomed a significant legal victory in the High Court which they hope will end nearly two decades of aggressive…

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Click on Useful Links to find ​this information on The Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency website.

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Pitman Park MapPosted by AVA on 11 13

Asbestos Memorial Day 2016Posted by AVA on 10 13


10:30am - 11:30am


Pitman Park, Salisbury, SA

Asbestos Victims Association invites you and family

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Asbestos site, Port AugustaPosted by AVA on 09 13

CONTAMINATED: A site on Daniel Terrace that is contaminated with Asbestos. It is believed the substance has been lying unattended for decades after an old factory was demolished.

Large amounts of asbestos have been found in the remains of an old factory on Daniel Terrace. The factory, which was demolished…

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A South Australian man has won exemplary damages from ETSA after being exposed to

asbestos in his job at the Playford power station in Port Augusta. Allan Geyer worked

at the Playford power station in Port Augusta as a welder, boiler maker and mechanical

foreman between 1957 and 1988 and was…

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Van Soest v BHP Billiton LimitedPosted by AVA on 09 13

On 17 June 2013 Judge Parsons of the District Court of South Australia handed down judgment finding BHP liable in negligence to Mr van Soest in relation to his condition of mesothelioma.    Mr van Soest worked as a painter and docker at the BHP Whyalla Shipyard for a period…

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