South Australian man wins exemplary damages from ETSA – 30th August 2013Posted by AVA on 09 13

A South Australian man has won exemplary damages from ETSA after being exposed to

asbestos in his job at the Playford power station in Port Augusta. Allan Geyer worked

at the Playford power station in Port Augusta as a welder, boiler maker and mechanical

foreman between 1957 and 1988 and was later diagnosed with incurable mesothelioma.

The District Court awarded him compensation but, significantly, it additionally found

that the corporation knew it was exposing the worker to asbestos. The $20,000, in

exemplary damages, is the first award of exemplary damages against ETSA under the

Dust Diseases Act 2005 (SA).


Asbestos Victims’ Association’s Terry Miller says it’ll set a precedent:

 “We’ve got a number of them from Pirie and Port Augusta that worked in the power

stations that have got various asbestos related diseases, so this will make any

future legal proceedings so much easier because there’s now a precedent set in this

sort of case.” (5AA)