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CPS Research – Qualitative Research Study into Mesothelioma


 Established in 1988, CPS Research has over 30 years' clinical trial site experience, having conducted more than 250 studies. Their medically and clinically qualified management team, together with their experienced staff, have a wealth of clinical and research experience.

They have a current project to try to assess the impact on quality of life of both the patients and carers of someone suffering from mesothelioma. The project will be carried out in UK, Poland and Australia and the results are expected to highlight not just the physical but also the psychological impact of mesothelioma. The aim will be to publish the results in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

In order to complete the study, CPS Research needs to carry out telephone interviews with both sufferers of mesothelioma, and carers looking after patients with mesothelioma. The patients and carers do not need to be linked to each other, and interviews with carers on their own would also fit the criteria of the research. The interviews will last about 30 minutes and interviewees will be paid for their time.

We encourage anyone with an interest to consider participating.Please contact AVA if you are interested in helping with this research – contact details at www.avasa.asn.au.
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