The Asbestos Victims Association SA Inc are about keeping its members and the public informed of dangers, and the impact of Asbestos on South Australians. AVA Newsletters come out quarterly; you can access them in the PDF format shown in the list below.

AVA Newsletter June 2023

In this issue - AVA AGM, Fleurieu Region Rememberance Service, Flinders Medical Centre donation, International Workers memorial Day, Prospect SES unit, The Speciallist Mesothelioma Learning Module, Tumour-starving drug

AVA Newsletter Winter 2024

In This Issue: - 

Why we must deal with asbestos now, Activities @ AVA, International Cooperation to Ban Asbestos, Landmark victory in the Indonesian Supreme Court.

AVA Newsletter Autumn 2024

In this Issue - Our new Care Coordinator, Special Memorial, Asbestos diseases higher in the navy than in other defence forces, International Workers Memorial Day (VOID), Asbestos in movies, Persistent cough, Asbestos and Silica Safety Eradication Agency.

AVA Newsletter Summer 2023/24

In this Issue - 20 years of total asbestos ban in Australia, Silica (engineered stone), Bunnings Trade Show 2023, AVA Memorial Day 2023.

AVA Newsletter October 2023

In this issue - Family Benefited from the AVA Beinke Bequest, AVA Memorial Day, Whyalla visit, Salisbury Health Expo, Bunnings Trade Show 2023, Engineered Stone Regulations.

AVA Newsletter March 2023

In this issue - National Silicosis Prevention Strategy, National Action Plan, Flood recovery in the Riverland, Asbestos and Insurance, Fleurieu Support Group, Notice of AVA AGM.