Bushfire Risk During Summer


 In Australia we have the potential for devastating bushfires during our summer months, and tha...

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Exposure to airborne asbestos may cause cancer and deadly mesothelioma.


 Exposure to airborne asbestos fibres may cause life-threatening illnesses like cancer and dead...

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Asbestos becomes dangerous once the fibres are disturbed


 Asbestos becomes dangerous once the fibres are disturbed, become airborne and then inhaled. Th...

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National Seniors Australia Modbury branch – Asbestos Awareness


This month our volunteers gave a presentation to National Seniors at Modbury on the prevalence and d...

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Copper Coast Lunch


 We realise that it can be difficult for AVA members living outside Adelaide to travel in for m...

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Riverland Field Days September 2018

Riverland Field Days 2018 Riverland Field Days 2018

Enter your text here ... The Riverland Field Days are held at the Barmera Showgrounds in September e...

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